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        I have an app that was built and released with IAP. Later, the customer decided they wanted to get rid of the IAP and just make it a free app. We went into the code, disabled all the IAP functionality and made all the features of the app free.


        However, the app is still shown as having in-app purchases when you view it in the app store.


        Is there a way I can entirely delete the IAPs and have this appear as if it were a totally free app?



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          Does un-checking the "cleared for sale" checkbox do this? I am afraid to uncheck it. The language that appears there is ambiguous. It says, "If your in-app purchase is currently available for purchase, it will be removed from sale on the App Store". Does this mean my entire app will be removed from sale or just the IAP?



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              Yes, do that for the IAP products. That process won't affect the app itself.*


              An option to delete, if that's your end game, should appear after a product is taken off sale (cleared for sale 'no').


              See In-App Purchase Statuses


              You may know, but be sure you've disabled IAP as an app capability via Xcode as well. Requires update to that project/app in the store.


              *Deselecting all countries (rights/pricing) will take the app itself off sale from the store.