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        I've created a custom CMS tool that publishes Apple News items to our apple news account through the API. We include an 'except' field in 'metadata' portion of the HTTP header, which according to the documentation here https://developer.apple.com/documentation/apple_news/metadata


        It states that 'This text may appear in the article tile in feeds. It can also appear when an article is shared.' if we look at our news feed in the iPhone mobile news app the excerpt doesn't appear under the title. However this value does appear if we create items for our feed from the official apple news CMS, as long as we include what they call 'sub title'


        At first I thought I was setting the except incorrectly, but if we visit apple news from OSX on a desktop computer we actually see the except correctly next to, or under the title, in the feed index. So it appears we do set this field correctly, we're just getting inconsistent behaviour.


        Is there anything I'm missing here, or is this expected behaviour? When the documentation says it 'may appear' does anyone know the conditions that decide this? Is there limits to length, or special characters, or anythign like that?


        Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.