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        I'm writing an app with a fixed size table (in a ViewController not a TableViewController) and a couple of UITextFields in each cell. The user needs to input data in the textfields and I want to automatically jump to the next textfield once editing of the current textfield stops.

        I have the following code in the TableViewCell class which works fine to jump to the next field within the cell but doesn't jump to the next cell.


        func textFieldDidEndEditing(_ textField: UITextField) {
          // Try to find next responder
          if let nextField = textField.superview?.viewWithTag(textField.tag + 1) as? UITextField {
          } else {


        I realise that's because after the second edit the next textfield is not in the same cell but I don't know how to address the textfield in the next cell to make it the FirstResponder. I have an observer on the textfield in the cell to check for changes and to update the array holding the table data:

        @IBAction func updatePs(_ sender: Any) { psChanged?(ps.text ?? "0") }

        where this is in the UITableView cellForRowAt function:

        cell.psChanged = { value in self.psP[indexPath.row] = Int(value) ?? 0 }

        I though to use this observer to change the FirstResponder from the UITableView cellForRowAt function but I don't know how to.


        P.S. I know that working with tags in tables can be problematic but the table is fixed size and rows cannot be deleted.