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        Hello.  I have an app which allows to sell 3D row scanned model.  There is a lot of model with different price, including Free too.

        Currently user can buy the model which they like via PayPal, then they will get email, which will contain model file with textures. That model users can use wherever they want.



        But app rejected in 2nd update. By reason - Guidline 3.1.1.

        Why i need to use IAP?  The item which user buy, will be used outside of the app - Guidline 3.1.5,  not inside the app(like gems in some games).

        This is so stupid.

        And here is some functions, which i cant understand how to implement in AIP.

        1)before chekout, user can use discount code, so price will be changed dynamicly.

        2)im able to change price of product from admin panel.
        3) user can buy few items at the same time. Does inappPurchase support multiple item purchasing?

        Im FULL of headaches now. 
        WHY APPLE TEAM???

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          You need to appeal the rejection using an explanation that App Revbiew can understand.  For example, in your post you wrote "3D row scanned model" - what is that?  You need to be clearer in your communications.


          Is the "3d row scanned model" being used in the app? If so, it falls under 3.1.1 and you must use IAP.  If the "3d row scanned model" is not being used in the app then explain to app review that the purchase does not unlock any features or functionality within the app and is not used in the app. 


          3.1.5 does not necessarily apply to 'digital goods' - it appleis to physical goods and services - and I suspect that "3d row scanned model" is a digital good.   

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            If your 3D models are used inside the app, then you must use IAP but if your app is just a shop and the 3D models are used outside the app, then you should send an appeal. Explain to the reviewer what your models represent, what they are used for, and don't forget to mention that your app is just a store and the models are not used inside the app.