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        I have a bitbucket account that works fine on windows. I have a MACBook Pro with macOS version 10.15.4

        When i open Safari and try to connect to my bitbucket account it works ok, i can browse my repositories - all good but when i try to clone a repo through SourceTree, sourceTree cannot login to my bitbucket account. This then locks me out of safari an been able to browse even login in again. After a restart i can get to the bitbucket login screen again but it wont allow me to login, error: Safari can't open the page "my_bitbucket/j_atl_security_check" because the server where this page is located isn't responding


        I also tried to use Git to clone/push to the repository and the same lockout/timout occurs in the terminal window and safari freezes.


        Has anyone seen this issue or even stuff related to this issue. I would appreciate any suggestion on how to resolve this.