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        We have an IIS website(ASP.net) that work at many location. We have a client where the website is hosted on IIS behind an F5(Big IP). When the client is connecting we have intermittent lost of connection. The issue arises more often with the Safari/Iphone. I have tried many things to find the issue but I'm running out of idea.

        Here is a Network trace gathered with Safari. You will see that I have many red lines that are requests that did not make it to the server. The requests for resources named 6-.ice are images while the 4-.ice are XHR requests: https://i.stack.imgur.com/lrIG7.png The XHR Request HTTP Status was 0. When it happens, we redirect the user to the BadRequest.htm page.


        I have validated the possible issue with HTTP/2 and connection HTTP header but everything is still on HTTP/1.


        Thank you!