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        I have two NSNumber objects declared as properities in the header file. I am trying to access it and get float value out of it. I get the following error and the code crashes on the first line...

        Attempt to use unknown class


        Here is the code...

            float avgCals=0, avgSteps=0;
            avgCals = [chartOperator.weeklyAvgCal floatValue];
            avgSteps = [chartOperator.weeklyAvgSteps floatValue];
            [weeklyAvgStepsLabel setText:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"Avg. Steps: %0.02f",avgSteps]];
            [weeklyAvgCalLabel setText:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"Avg. Cals: %0.02f",avgCals]];


        it crashes at line 2


        what could be the problem?

        Hovering mouse pointer over 'chartOperator' shows the object is not nil and so aren't weeklyAvgCal and weeklyAvgSteps.