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        Maybe not the best place to post this comment, but I'm looking for insight...


        I've been coding off and on for about 20 years now, so I know the basics pretty well.  Back when I started coding in 2000 I began with Assembly Language, if anyone can remember that.  Over the last few years I've tried to get to know Objective-C but never well enough to put an app on the app store. 


        Now I have dove into the App Development with Swift book with full commitment and I'm more half way through it.  But I'm getting a bit nervous or lost on how to put this all together.  I do the challenge apps, all the Lab Playgrounds and understand how the app works (for the most part), but then I begin to wonder how to put this knowledge all together into an app, how to know when to use what. 


        Is there a path to coding in Swift with confidence? So to speak...  Or a point I realize that it comes together.


        Did most new programmers start this way?  Or is it just me?

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          With version 5, Swift just came together itself.


          Don't compare learning a relatively new language with a comparatively brief body of work behind it, to something that's been around long enough to have enjoyed significant evolution, support, examples of all types, documentation etc.


          As for easier, in my 50+ years of programming, ease comes, if at all, only after you've lived and worked with a language for a while. Might be you just need to put in more time in this case.


          In the mean time, if you haven't already, it might pay to take a deep dive over at swift.org


          Good luck.

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            You're not the only one.


            I went the same path, from Apple Basic, some assembly, Pascal (a lot) with Mac API (full inside Mac to study) and event driven programming.

            And then the BIG change to go Object Oriented.

            I tried ObjC but never really made it.

            Swift was much more natural to me.


            As KMT says, the point is not only the language, it is the architecture of App (OO) and the API to master (without as good a doc as Inside Mac). And finally, I found Mac Apps even more difficult than iOS.


            So, some advices from my own experience:

            - first study tutorials (I used a book at the time iPhone development, which was great because each lesson was about developing an app around some key concept). Apple App development with Swift are really good.

            - I also, followed Standford course to understand some key mechanisms and how OO should work

            - after this I started to develop an app. Start simple and improve the app progressiveley. Return frequently to tutorials to make sure you do it right.


            But be prepared to a long learning curve if you want to develop more than a toy app.

            And use the web extensively, including the forum - but not only - when you have a specific question.


            Final advice: I would not recommend SwiftUI, but extensive use of Interface Builder.


            Good luck.


            PS: Getting started section of the forum would be more appropriate for your post. Another thing to learn…

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              KMT & Claude31,


              Thanks for the advise.  To be honest when I started my study this morning I was dicouraged, but I just finished the section for MVC and suprisingly things make a lot more sense now and what I have to do.  I have found Swift to be a lot esier than when I was trying to learn Obj-c and the Apple App Development for Swift book seems quite good.  I'm more easily now wrapping my head around dealing with Objects.  Currenly I'm using the Interface Builder, as this is obviously easier for me. 


              Thanks again.  I'll end with that.