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        I'm seeing an XPC-related problem with my app.


        The symptoms are pretty similar to this github thread, and I suspect that it is security/code-signing related in some way.


        I have a Catalyst-based app. It uses a framework which embeds a plugin. The plugin bridges over to AppKit land and depends on (and embeds) the Sparkle framework. Yes, I know... but it works, or it did.


        What I'm seeing now is that Sparkle is working fine, right up until the point where it attempts to launch an xpc service to run the installer. At that point it fails with the errro "The remote port connection was invalidated from the updater". This comes from Sparkle, and is generated by the invalidation handler of the xpc service.


        Obviously I don't expect people to debug Sparkle problems here, but the weird thing is that this code used to work fine, and I don't believe that I've changed anything.


        I am seeing it failing now if I build the app. I am also seeing it fail in archived versions of the app which were built weeks or months ago, and which used to work. I think I've also witnessed another app failing in a similar way on my machine, though I can't swear to that.


        It is making me wonder if there's been a subtle change to security code in a recent OS update which might have triggered this failure.


        I'm also finding it quite difficult to trace the exact source of failure, so would appreciate any tips on getting extra logging out of the XPC launching system. Trying to find anything useful in Console is pretty difficult, what with the sheer amount of other stuff flying past.