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        My app was rejected because font cannot be downloaded in new version. I am really suffering in this rejection. I am wonder why the bug is occurred. On release 1.2.6 I just only added some fonts, but in fact I did same thing from release 1.2.4 to 1.2.5. I compared the difference again and agin and I am sure they are fully same. I also did the test like this:

        1, I download app (1.2.5) from App Store, everything work well

        2, I rollback my code to last release (1.2.5) then install app by Xcode, fonts cannot be downloaded.

        Sure, I use my newest code (1.2.6) and install app by Xcode, fonts also cannot be downloaded. The wrong message is same like this

        Error: Error Domain=SZExtractorErrorDomain Code=4 "Hash mismatch for chunk containing offset 0: expected xxxxx, got xxxx"

        I searched by google, and I found this link


        Yes, I used ODR for all of my fonts because IOS cannot support installing fonts from external server. In fact, in my development phase, sometimes I also found that fonts cannot be downloaded, it is not stable.

        So current situation is that we can download fonts if we new-install release (1.2.6 actually also include 1.2.5) but we cannot download font if we upgrade to new release from previous version. I believe that release 1.2.5 has same issue but it passed review.

        I just want to know, what I can do for it? As my opinion, maybe we can just release it then new users will be ok and we will accept that old users maybe will be gone. Or we add some tips in app then users know what he need to do when he want to use new version?

        Maybe you have other solution about it? Other use methods for ODR?


        And I also tested it by TestFlight, everything works well. I tested it by following steps:

        1. open Test Flight, install 1.2.5, downloading font looks well

        2. go back to TestFlight, upgrade to 1.2.6, downloading font still work well.

        I also tested from 1.2.4 to 1.2.6, fully same result, everything works well. And I also tested another build of version 1.2.6, result is also same.

        I am really wonder if Test Flight is reliable. If you want to check more, I can add you into my test flight user list.

        Looking forward to your kind reply, the bug is really horrible for me. From 1.2.4 to 1.2.5, I added fonts, and I also did full same thing from 1.2.5 to 1.2.6. I do not know what is wrong with it. If Test Flight is not reliable, the how can I test it by myself?


        I already sent replies to app reviewer team but they always said they do not care technology, then I also sent mail to dev team, no useful reply, they just tell me I need to argue with review team. I also sent mail to The App Review Board, then they keep their rejection dicision. I even called to support team, and they just give me developer site url address.


        In fact, I do not want to use ODR because I heard that it is not stable enough. But I have no other choice because IOS can only install font from bundle resouces, so I can not put my fonts on my own server, I can only put them on ODR because ODR resource will be in bundle.


        Looking forward to your kind reply. Thanks a lot!