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        My app uses HomeKit to control a few accessories and it seems to work fine.  But while connected to the Debugger in Xcode, I'm seeing a lot of these reports:


        Date, time myApp[] [Messaging.Dispatcher] No handlers for message: HMFMessage kCharacteristicValueUpdatedNotificationKey(big key)


        I believe the source of the message may be my Ecobee 3 thermostat.  I use a couple switched outlets also but I don't think these warnings have occur when I interact with them.


        Is there something I can do to intercept the message and eliminate the debugger warning? 


        I don't really care what the debugger is saying or not, but I'm suspicious that there may be a performance problem when I interact with the Ecobee, and I'm hopeful that handling the message properly might help with that.  The performance problem is generally slow responsiveness and an occasional failure to respond to a temperature change.