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        I was trying to compile WebDriver for QML on Mac. With GYP the above source generates xcode project files.


        When I try to compile project in xcode, I get multiple defined error for (FILE), where they are defining NSSearchPathDirectory & NSSearchPathDomainMask. (This they have taken from NSPathUtilities.h.)




        // Adapted from NSPathUtilities.h and NSObjCRuntime.h.
        #if __LP64__ || NS_BUILD_32_LIKE_64
        typedef unsigned long NSSearchPathDirectory;
        typedef unsigned long NSSearchPathDomainMask;
        typedef unsigned int NSSearchPathDirectory;
        typedef unsigned int NSSearchPathDomainMask;


        When I remove this declaration, it is giving not defined error.


        I dont know where to start. I am compiling first timein mac with xcode. Any suggestions, pointers would be helpful.