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        I create a simple project to demonstrate C++ code crash symbolication.


        The C++ code is crash.cpp:



        #include "crash.h"
        int* newPtr() {
          return new int[1];
        void resetPtr(int** ptr) {
          *ptr = nullptr;
        void usePtr(int* ptr) {
          int var = *ptr;
          *ptr = var;
        void testCrash() {
          int* ptr = newPtr();



        The Objective-C code calling it is ViewController.mm:



        #import "ViewController.h"
        #import "crash.h"
        @interface ViewController ()
        @implementation ViewController {
            int _val;
        - (void)viewDidLoad {
            [super viewDidLoad];
            // Do any additional setup after loading the view.
            // this could be symbolicated correctly
            //ViewController* vc = nil;
            //NSLog(@"%d", vc->_val);
            // this couldn't be symbolicated correctly


        The line number above is the same as source code.



        It should crash at ViewController.mm:22 => crash.cpp:23 => crash.cpp:14, and that's exactly what I see in Xcode when I run the app in Xcode.


        But when I disconnect with Xcode, and launch the app from home screen, then get the crash log using Xcode menu Window - Devices and Simulators - View Device Logs, but the symbolicated crash is:



        Thread 0 name:  Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread
        Thread 0 Crashed:
        0   CrashExample                  0x000000010493230c usePtr(int*) + 25356 (crash.cpp:13)
        1   CrashExample                  0x000000010493234c testCrash() + 25420 (crash.cpp:24)
        2   CrashExample                  0x0000000104932480 -[ViewController viewDidLoad] + 25728 (ViewController.mm:23)
        3   UIKitCore                      0x000000018ea0a36c -[UIViewController _sendViewDidLoadWithAppearanceProxyObjectTaggingEnabled] + 104



        All 3 frames are wrong!


        I'm using Xcode 11.4.1 (11E503a), macOS 10.15.4 (19E287), iPhone 11 iOS 13.4.1.


        Here is my test project: https://imgs.piasy.com/2020-05-16-CrashExample.zip


        Please help me, thanks!