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      JJQuevedo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

        Hi community,


        I need to create a solution for a company where everyone uses MAC and Iphones.


        I´m absolutely new to MAC technology, I´m even struggling to close windows on the interface still


        I need to implement a system like Microsoft Access, it means:


        - Database with tables friendly and graphically connected to each other for fast info display in real time.

        - Possibility to program events.

        - Possibility to code automatic behaviour with a language like vba.

        - Possibility to export datasets and funcions into other programs like Text Editors, web browers, mail software, etc.


        Is there anything for MAC which helps me to approach my goal? I´m a developer and I don´t feel like creating everything from scratch.


        Thanks in advance.

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          john daniel Level 4 Level 4 (690 points)

          Microsoft Access has been in active development for almost 30 years. You will not be able to replace its functionality.


          With all due respect, you are not the right person for this work. The best you could do is find a turnkey web service. Even the more customizable app services offered by AWS and Google would require good familiarity with the Apple ecosystem.

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              JJQuevedo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

              Thanks for the answer John.


              What I´m really looking for is a set of programs to begin with and which work with each other. I would need a database engine, an environment providing an interface to which I can import DB data and an overall guide to understand how MAC transfer or synchronize data between programs. I´m thinking about synchronizing all this with an App for Iphone in future versions.


              Please if you don´t feel able to answer my question, just don´t.



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              KMT Level 9 Level 9 (15,735 points)

              The tools via Apple's IDE in your example involve CoreData, a non-trivial technology requiring specific pre-existing skill sets.


              Without even the basic ability to even grasp macOS as a user, John is correct, you're already over your head. Tough love, dude, you should be thanking him, not getting all up about it. Hubris is a *****.