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        Hello people, can u help me with my newbie phase in this feature??


        I follow the steps of documentation (https://developer.apple.com/documentation/backgroundtasks/bgtaskscheduler) and I was see the colorFeeds project. I can execute my tasks, I got "can proceed" from dasd (code 1)

        code 1:

          {name: ApplicationPolicy, policyWeight: 50.000, response: {Decision: Can Proceed, Score: 0.35}}
          {name: DeviceActivityPolicy, policyWeight: 5.000, response: {Decision: Can Proceed, Score: 0.17}}
         ] sumScores:59.743333, denominator:96.410000, FinalDecision: Can Proceed FinalScore: 0.619680}


        I was added in info.plist permission, I created the register in didFinishLaunching (code 2) in AppDelegate, the handle and scheduler to reschedule it (code 3). I did BGProcessingTaskRequest cause I read in documentation that this type can process more than some seconds.


        code 2:

                BGTaskScheduler.shared.register(forTaskWithIdentifier: AppDelegate.backgroundTaskIdentifier, using: .main) { task in
                    os_log("%{public}@", log: OSLog(subsystem: "com.balancin.bifrost", category: "balancin.default"), type: .debug, "balancin.rage TaskMain")
                    guard let task = task as? BGProcessingTask else { return }
                    self.handleAppRefresh(task: task )


        code 3:

            func scheduleAppRefresh() {
               let request = BGProcessingTaskRequest(identifier: AppDelegate.backgroundTaskIdentifier)
               // Fetch no earlier than 15 minutes from now
               request.earliestBeginDate = Date(timeIntervalSinceNow: 3 * 60)
               do {
                  try BGTaskScheduler.shared.submit(request)
               } catch {
                  print("Could not schedule app refresh: \(error)")
            func handleAppRefresh(task: BGProcessingTask) {
              // Schedule a new refresh task
              let operation = BlockOperation {
                  os_log("%{public}@", log: OSLog(subsystem: "com.balancin.bifrost", category: "balancin.default"), type: .debug, "balancin.rage BlockOperation")
              task.expirationHandler = {
                os_log("%{public}@", log: OSLog(subsystem: "com.balancin.bifrost", category: "balancin.default"), type: .debug, "balancin.rage expirationHandler")
              operation.completionBlock = {
                os_log("%{public}@", log: OSLog(subsystem: "com.balancin.bifrost", category: "balancin.default"), type: .debug, "balancin.rage setTaskCompleted")
                 task.setTaskCompleted(success: !operation.isCancelled)


        My problem is: When I get the "can proceed" permission from IOS dasd (duetactivityschedulerdaemon) I didn't get my OSLogs (in apple device console logs app) that I declared in my code... Why?

        - Where I can find my execution logs? (os_log("%{public}@", log: OSLo...)

        - Did my task really executed?

        - Need I to change something?