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        Wanted to ask for help in reporting the following bug:


        After downloading/updating any iMessage app, the icon for the corresponding app would randomly go missing, or if it was previously missing, it would get restored. This isssue has been plaguing iMessage app since it's first release in iOS 10. This bug is impossible to reproduce, and seem to happen by chance. Every time I release an update for my own app, I get a lot of emails from people saying that their icon has gone missing, it looks like this:




        So please, if you are having the same problem or are able to reproduce the bug, please REPORT IT TO APPLE VIA BUG REPORTER, otherwise it will never get fixed like many other bugs. Thank you.


        - To reproduce the problem:

        Impossible to reproduce, but very common. Literally happens by chance every time you update the app. (Possibly even after your first install, but I can't confirm this).


        - Expected result

        iMessage app displaying its icon


        - What results actually observed

        Missing white icon.


        - Sysdiagnose:

        This bug has existed since iOS 10, on every device model, every iOS version.



        Thank you.