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        Wanted to ask for help in reporting the following serious bug:


        After releasing an update for my app, my users sent me a ton of emails about how their app stopped working after the update. It looks like this:



        To reproduce this bug, you need to have your Messages app opened while you go to the App Store to update the app. I've tried it myself with other iMessage apps, and results were the same, the app won't open until you either restart Messages or the iPhone.


        So please, if you are having the same problem or are able to reproduce the bug, please REPORT IT TO APPLE VIA BUG REPORTER, otherwise it will never get fixed like many other bugs. Thank you.


        - To reproduce the problem:

        I believe there are more ways to reproduce this, but this way was confirmed by several of the users:

        1. You need to have a phone with an older version of GamePigeon (or any iMessage app).

        2. Then, while having the Messages app open(IF MESSAGES APP ISN'T OPEN THEN YOU WON'T REPRODUCE THIS BUG), go to a regular App Store app and update the app.

        3. Try to open the app, it should be blank.



        - Expected result

        Working iMessage app



        - What results actually observed

        Blank screen, like in the provided screenshots



        - Sysdiagnose:

        The affected users who reported the issue were using all possible models of iPhone, and various versions of iOS 13, in most cases the latest one, iOS 13.4.1