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        The numbers returned by the `SUBSCRIPTIONS` sales and trends report appear to have dropped by ~20% from May 3, 2020 to May 4, 2020. This drop is consistent across apps, clients, countries, products, etc. The report fields `Active Standard Price Subscriptions` and `Active Free Trial Introductory Offer Subscriptions` matched the values in the iTunes Connect Analytics portal as of the May 3 report, but the numbers in the report are 20% lower than the numbers in the portal as of May 4.

        I see that there is a new field in the response called `Grace Period` as of the update launched on May 4, but this field returns 0 for all records in the report. Was this field meant to replace the missing numbers in the other fields?

        This appears to be a major bug. Is there anyone from Apple who can comment on why this drop occured, and whether or not there are plans to address it?