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        Hello all,


        I am running the platform http://www.soundjack.eu and have two problems:


        1.) On some machines with Catalina and Mojave the app does *not* show up in the security settings and in turn no sound in processed within the application which is built with Qt using the portaudio wrapper. Can anyone advise how to approach this problem ? I currently have no idea how to address it.


        2.) As a workaround I created an Applescript based Starter Script which does:


        do shell script "/Applications/SJC200420.app/Contents/MacOS/soundjack"


        in order to run the app via terminal which has not such security restrictions. This script is also deployed as an application side by side with the software. It works fine, however, once I sign and notarize the script it does not work anymore - in this case again the restrictions prevent audio from being processed. Is this a bug or a feature ?


        Thanks in advance,