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        I am currently porting an OpenGL rendering backend to Metal (on macOS).

        100% repro:

        1. Press run App in Xcode.

        2. Press frame capture button.

        3. A correct looking view appears. [immediately]

        4. The mouse pointer turns into the rainbow ball. [immediately]

        5. The mouse pointer disappears. [after 5-15 seconds]

        6. The external screen shuts off. [after another 15-30 seconds]
        7. The system reboots. [after about 1-3 minutes]

        It's very possible that I am sending some broken data down the command queue,

        a) from what I see it looks exactly identical to the capture from the game template

        b) I see (partially) correct render results when not capturing

        c) Writing slightly broken metal code shouldn't crash the system

        Any idea what I might be doing wrong?