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        Hi, is it possible to make a .dll project in C++ with Xcode?

        Thank you.


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          jonprescott Level 3 Level 3 (100 points)

          iOS or macOS?


          If macOS, you have a choice of a Framework, or LIbrary project.  The direct analog to a .dll is a dynamic library (.dylib).  Frameworks, work well with the macOS infrastructure (a framework includes a dynamic library without the extension, along with headers, resources, etc.).  You can use C, C++, Objective-C, Objective-C++, Swift, and any other language with special build rules, in any combination.


          For iOS, you can build a framework or a static library.  Frameworks are same concept as macOS.  You can create a Framework or static library project using either Swift or Objective-C/C++, but, once the project is created, you can write code in compatible languages.  Objective-C++ is a pretty good amalgamation for using C++ code (use .mm files to automatically compile Objective-C++ code files).

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            Yes. That language doesn't matter.