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        I use devicemotion event to access gyroscope on Safari since iOS 11.


        History :

        - On iOS 11 / 12, gyroscope access is open and just need to listen devicemotion event.

        - Starting on iOS 12.2, Apple has blocked gyroscope access and you need to activate an option on safari settings

        - Since iOS 13, Apple has implemented the "DeviceOrientationEvent.requestPermission" to ask gyroscope access and when user agree, devicemotion event has the key "rotationRate" with alpha / beta / gamma values (before agreed, value is null).


        Problem :

        On iOS 13.4 with no code change on my side and on all my projects using this feature, rotationRate is always null  even if user agree gyroscope access.


        I searched for an official answer from Apple but nothing available.

        It looks like a bug but maybe implementation on my side is wrong ?


        Good to know on my code :

        First, I listen devicemotion event (with rotationRate null), when interface is ready, user clicks on a button, gyroscope access asked and rotationRate has values.


        Any ideas ?


        PS : sorry for my bad english