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        [EDIT]: I can see the Screenshot only in the edit view


        The version with Screenshots is available here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/61270644/sirikit-custom-intents-an-localization-problem




        I have the problem, that Siri always responses with the english version of my intents. I have create a demo project to seperate out the relevant code:


        I have 3 targets in my project:





        The .intentsdefinition file is located in the framework (Base) and the classes are generated also there as it was suggested in the WWDC talk (2018 - 211)


        This file is also translated into the german language:




        But the problem is, that if I create a shortcut/intent via the app (INUIAddVoiceShortcutViewController viewcontroller) the action name is already in english (should be Hallo not Hello), but as you can see, the whole viewcontroller is localized in german:






        The strange thing is, if I select the action to see more info, the string inside this view controller is in german.




        If I add this shortcut to Siri, the info texts are all in german, if I use the Shortcuts.app. If I ask Siri about the state, the response is in german, but the custom response of my shortcut is in english.




        So does anyone know how I can fix this problem?