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        My question is very high level being totally new to streaming media.


        Is it feasible to intercept the audio component of a TV broadcast stream, and then replace segments of that audio?


        Conceptually, this capability/app would run on the streaming device (e.g. Apple TV) and be configurable by the end user.


        Any guidance on the feasibility appreciated.  And if so, would appreciate as well guidance on technical standards, technical components, SDK, classes, etc. that I could begin to study related to this audio handling.




        P.S. - Are there any legal ramifications of manipulating the audio output (presented to end user/viewer only) of broadcast from “x” network / service (fill in your content provider of choice).

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          They just keep coming...  


            >Are there any legal ramifications


          Ah, you mean that obviously none of the content is yours, you're new to scraping/pirating material off the 'net, picking virtual pockets, having lived under a rock your entire life, oblivious to the rights of others, completely sans concept....got it.


          Stay right there, lawyers will be by once they're cleared to enter your neighborhood. Pls. be patient, but hey, where you got to go, right? You don't have to step outside to commit theft, after all.


          Good luck with that.

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              KMT - It appears you think I have nefarious intent.  So, my mistake for not being more specific.


              Here is my silly use case.  I am exploring this just out of fun, but total ignorance of the technologies (and any related laws).


              So, I am watching the news, some person “X” is presented whom I find extremely annoying.  I would like to convert person X’s voice to that of another person/character of my choice (e.g. Elmer Fudd, Foghorn Leghorn...).


              So, no pirating of content intended), just improving the end user experience. 


              Presumably, if even feasible, it would entail having voice print technology (like voice based security systems use) to identify person X.  And then the ability to parse X’s speech from the audio and replace it with those same words being spoken spoken using the voice pattern of my chosen replacement person/character.


              So, not trivial.  But it sure would be fun.  (And a delay in the audio versus the video, would be perfectly fine in my perspective.)



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                       >just improving the end user experience. But it sure would be fun.


                  How does that change the law? Does your assurance somehow negate your legal obligation? Taking money (profit without permission) for fun is still stealing. Your cavalier attitude isn't an excuse, and in this day/age, more than ever a likely cover for piracy, or just outright ignorance of the law. Not sure which is worse...