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        Xcode 11.4, iPad 9.7", latest iOS


        I have a memory leak. So I launch my app on my iPhone and if I do a set of operations the leak shows. Great.


        So I launch the app - its just sitting at the first screen. Nothing apparently is going on. I'm in the mini Memory view in Xcode. I tap the button to transfer it to Instruments, which is running already. It opens, and all looks good. Instruements starts updating everything.


        Thirty seconds later, boom, the app stops. The white box in Xcode is now gray. But when I go on the iPhone, it seems the app is still running - I can select its view in that app chooser, and its there. But Instruments has stopped.


        What am I doing wrong???


        I screen shot Instruments and my Scheme if it will help can put on dropbox etc.