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        I'm trying to understand how the Watch OS Status Icon chooses which status to display (if multiple are available) and when it cycles vs not.


        The status icon is the icon in the top center of the screen, see this Apple link for a list of status icons on Apple Watch: https://support.apple.com/guide/watch/status-icons-apdce21b02a0/6.0/watchos/6.0


        As an example, when you get a notification the red notification icon takes over this status icon space until the notification is cleared. In situations where there are multiple icons, such as during a workout, you can have multiple status' (notif and workout, or notif and location use).


        I am trying to understand how the system works in this multiple status case.


        For example, I would have thought Notification is the most important status and so that satus would rise to the top if recieved, however in my expereince workout or location use continue to appear on top hiding the notification status.


        I think most users would appreciate if notification status took over the status icon and where cycling occured it would then show the secondary status'.


        Hope this makes sense.