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        Since upgrading to 10.14.6 the message body contents are no longer visible for me in the Mail app.  The content seems to be there still; I can scroll up and down, the cursor changes as it moves over elements, and I can click on links or drag them out if I get over the right portions, but the entire section looks blank.  It's dark if I'm using dark theme or white if I'm using light theme.  The entire message content appears to be there if I view the raw source.


        Notably, clicking on a mailbox and choosing "Rebuild" from the Mail menu doesn't seem to do anything, either.  I don't know if that's related or a separate issue.


        I've rebuilt everything by deleting relevant files in Library, but even after downloading all of the email again, nothing shows up for message bodies.  Which isn't surprising, as it seems the content is actually there, just invisible.  Everything else seems to be all right: mailboxes sidebar, headers list, even the header above where the message ought to be for individual email messages.


        I can't find anyone else reporting this issue, which seems odd, so I thought I'd ask here.  Any ideas?