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        I want to provide Safari Push Notifications for different web shops. To be able to use the Safari Push Notifications a website push id and a certificate are needed. The website push id is registered at apple and the certificate is generated for that id, I was not able to use one certificate and website push id to provide the notifications to different web shops.
        I tried:


             - to set multiple web shops as allowed domains
                  -> if the user accepts push notifications from one of the web shops, he is not asked again when entering another web shop of the allowed domains


             - to use one certificate for multiple webshops

                  -> if the user accepts the notification from web shop one and after that enters web shop two and accepts notification there also, the acceptance of web shop                one is overwritten, so he only gets notifications from webshop two


             - to enter a wildcard in website push id (*)

                  -> apple does not allow that


        Has anyone any idea or experience? I know, that it is possible. But I don`t know how. My last idea would be to generate the website push id with an api call. But I`m not sure, whether that is possible.