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        I haven't gone over all of the watchOS2 documentation yet since I only own one watch and I'm working on an update to my watch app already in the app store. Does watchOS2 provide any way for untethered watches to communicate locally via bluetooth or a lan-party style wifi? I want to create a mini local network of watches where one can watch presses "host" and when other watches press "spectate" their Interface Controller updates based on the host data. Alternatively if it's not possible for direct watch -> watch communication how would I go about using a Host watch -> Host iPhone -> Spectator iPhone -> Spectator watch method?

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          I too am looking for a similar direct functionality.  My initial research indicates that any communication from one Watch to another would need to go through a server to push out notifications, or through Watch -> Phone -> Phone -> Watch communication over a LAN, like you mentioned.  I was hoping there would be a way to piggyback on watchOS's build-in watch to watch communications, but I have not found anything like that. 


          If anyone has some insight they could share, it would be much appreciated.