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        Is anybody else seeing problems with NSUserActivity and the Intents extension after upgrading to Xcode 11.4 and/or iOS 13.4? I have a project that was working the last time I built it, but that was prior to the 11.4 release. Today, when trying to build it I find that a debug build seems to work fine when attached to a debugger. But if I launch the app directly from Springboard I will get a crash and an unrecognized selector error message in the console as soon as I call setSuggestedInvocationPhrase.


        I made a simple test case for my Feedback Assistant report. here's the core function that exhibits the problem.


        import SwiftUI
        import Intents
        struct ContentView: View {
            var body: some View {
                if testForSelector() {
                    return Text("You can call setSuggestedInvocationPhrase")
                } else {
                    return Text("setSuggestedInvocationPhrase will crash if you call it.")
        extension ContentView {
            func testForSelector() -> Bool {
                let activity = NSUserActivity(activityType: "Testing Activity")
                return activity.responds(to: #selector(setter: INIntent.suggestedInvocationPhrase))


        I'm guessing that I've done something super-weird to cause this, but it *looks* very straightforward. Hoping somebody else has seen something similar.


        If you do see something similar I submitted a Feedback Assistant at FB7645803.