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        My app has had support for a couple of siri shortcuts since it came out, haven't touched it in a long time. My project compiles and builds in 11.3.2 but doesn't in 11.4.


        The errors i get is that the classes that are supposed to be generated from my intentdefinition file, and that i am referencing in my intenthandlers are no longer found.


        For example, in my intentdefinition file i have a custom intent called "MyStatus".


        I then have a MyStatusIntentHandler:


        #import "MyStatusIntent.h"

        @interface MyStatusIntentHandler<MyStatusIntentHandling> : NSObject


        In 11.4, i get an "MyStatusIntent.h" file not found. In 11.3.1 and earlier it builds fine.


        I am not super great at project config and structure, so i'm a bit at a loss as to where to start digging. If anyone has any pointers, and what in 11.4 that might be new and giving me problems, I'm all ears.