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        I was able to log crashes using NSSetUncaughtExceptionHandler.

        But I found it hard to log SIGTRAP crashes in the watchOS Extension app.


        The code that I successfully used in iOS to log crashes doesn't work with the watchOS Extension app project.


        struct sigaction signalAction = {{0}};
        signalAction.sa_flags = SA_SIGINFO | SA_ONSTACK;
        signalAction.sa_sigaction = &handleCrash;
        sigaction(SIGTRAP, &signalAction, NULL)
        static void handleCrash(int sigNumber, siginfo_t* info, void* uContext) {
            printf("signal - crash detected");


        The above block of code works fine in iOS projects, when I tried the same in watchOS, handleCrash() static function is not executed.

        The sigaction() function returns 0 in the watchOS project - which is a success criterion, but even then the handleCrash() function is not invoked when a SIGTRAP crash is thrown.


        Any help in the right direction is appreciated.

        Thanks a ton in advance.