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        Hello all,


        So I am working on our app that uses the Contacts database. Of course we need to ask for permission to access the database. In order to test this I need to reset the tcc database, using tccutil, however it does reset the system, so I cannot retest the ask for permissions.


        I am running on 10.15.3 for the moment on two different systems. The app only exists in one location (I had an issue with this previously, but I seemed to fix it by ensuring there was only one copy of the app on the machine). Both machines do have SIP disabled (due to some other development that I regularly do that needs SIP disabled), but I did try reenabling it and reseting the database, but that did not work either.


        When I looked at the tcc.db itself (getting desparate), I don't see either my app, nor the other apps that have AddressBook access.


        I would really appreciate any help with this issue – it is getting very frustrating.



        Scott Little