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        I am implementing a SwiftUI Drag and Drop application which runs fine on both macOX and IpadOS.


        The only problem I have is that on iPadOS, the Dragged image is rendered just as an empty rectangle, while on macOS I have a correct dragged image.


        The body of the view from which the items are dragged is :


            var body: some View {

                HStack {

                    ForEach( libraryRowItems, id: \.self) { thelibraryItem in

                        libraryItemView(item: thelibraryItem)

                        .onDrag {

                            return NSItemProvider(object: NuageIdentifier(identifier:thelibraryItem.id))






        and the body for libraryItemView :


            var body: some View {

                let topColorGradient = Color(Color.RGBColorSpace.sRGB, red: 0.298, green: 0.301, blue: 0.301);

                let bottomColorGradient = Color(Color.RGBColorSpace.sRGB, red: 0.235, green: 0.239, blue: 0.239);


                return ZStack {

                    RoundedRectangle(cornerRadius: 5)

                    .fill(LinearGradient(gradient: Gradient(colors: [topColorGradient, bottomColorGradient]), startPoint: .top, endPoint: .bottom))

                    Text("\(text)").foregroundColor(.white).font(.custom("STIX2Math", size: fontSize))


                .frame(width:50, height: 33)



        On my late 2013 mac everything is ok

        On my Ipad 5th generation the dragged iage is just a rectangle.

        My mac is unable to run it on a Simulator (seems to be too slow now) to see if it could depends on the generation of the device.


        I am the only one to encounter this problem ?





        Chris Tof