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        hi Team


        I have set the background mode setting type external accessory communication for my app, to make my app could keep alive and communicate with other devices when in background.

        And for this case, I would like to confirm one thing that, would app still keeping alive even the communication with external accessory not start yet before it's been push into background?


        The issue is, after I set this mode, the app do keep alive when back from background if the device is connected before push into background.

        But if the external device is under a sleep mode or disconnected when app in background, the app would still been killed and start from init stage when back to foreground.


        For this situation, it seems haven't been mentioned in the background mode external accessory communication documents.

        So I just want to make sure that, is it do have risk that app been killed if it lost the connection in background even have the background mode type set?