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        There have been occasional questions about remote debugging.  Unfortunately I see a couple of them which were reasonable basic questions got no answer at all.  I will try this again.  A couple questions had some mention of lldb server.  In some cases clearly the people asking the questions already knew  a bit about remote debugging.  Yet I can find no documentation about it.


        Does XCode or other tools that will work with XCode support debugging over the internet?  If so what are the reqirements re XCode version and macOS version, whether the client and server can have unmatched versions, etc.?


        My immediate need (without extra steps) is to debug a process running on Sierra (no XCode installed yet) from a development system running XCode 7.3.1 under El Capitan.


        The need for remote debugging is to be able to diagnose crashes that don't happen on my development systems.  There have also been questions concerning crash logs, but crash logs are of limited use unless the crash can be opened into a debugger with full ability to examine the stack and local variables.


        Thanks in advance!