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        I'm not sure the question is appropriate here, but I wonder to know the mechanism of the App Store update.

        We have two questions about that.


        1. If an app is a VPN app and the VPN is running. Will it impact the order of this VPN app in the App Store updating list?

        2. How iOS determine the order of each app in the updating list?


        For question 2, we have installed the iOS App Store debug profile to observe more information. From the system log, we observed the following log. iOS lists the commonly used apps, and list the order of starting the update. However, it's hard to know how iOS determine the order.


        2020-03-24 11:05:08.550278 +0800 appstored Commonly used count: 25 apps: [.....]
        2020-03-24 11:05:08.554658 +0800 appstored Ordered: Max app count: 25
        Ordered: App count: 49 apps: [...]
        2020-03-24 11:05:08.555002 +0800 appstored Ordered: Added an additional 292 springboard apps to the end of the priori
        tized list
        2020-03-24 11:12:11.847264 +0800 appstored [49361E92] Starting update all with order:
        com.app1, com.app2, com.app3, com.app4
        2020-03-24 11:12:11.850996 +0800 appstored Perform updates start with reason: Update All


        Does somebody know the details?