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        I work on a CRM app. I have created a custom intent "View Account," which takes a parameter for the account name, and it is supposed to navigate to the account in the app. Problem: Siri never prompts for the account name parameter; the app just opens. I'm attempting to debug, but running the Intents extension and choosing Siri for the app to run never hits any of the break points in my intent handler.

        - (void)resolveAccountNameForViewAccount:(nonnull ViewAccountIntent *)intent withCompletion:(nonnull void (^)(INStringResolutionResult * _Nonnull))completion {
            INStringResolutionResult *result = [INStringResolutionResult needsValue];

        This code doesn't force Siri to prompt the user for the account name. I have been working at this for days. I need help on this one, please.