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        As I could not seem to find any other solutions, I wanted to ask whether any of you might have encountered the following Time Machine bug as well:


        Following the upgrade to the 10.15 beta, TM seems to have had problems adding any increments to an existing backup volume containing files from an earlier release - which is the first part of the issue I'm facing. After I begrudgingly formatted the backup volume, I then noticed TM would not be able to complete any backups on the same volume, even though it is properly formatted.


        The error message I keep being displayed is, "Time Machine could not complete backup on <name of volume>. An error occurred while copying files." In addition, the TM settings tab seems to be stuck on the "waiting for backup to finish" status.


        I tried using both an USB hard drive and a Western Digital My Cloud NAS, both yielding the same issue.


        I noticed there has been a multitude of different error reports concerning TM in the 10.15 beta, but I could not seem to find any reports matching the above issue. If this is a new problem which has indeed not been reported previously, I would be happy if it could be looked into. I can provide further details if required, of course.


        Thanks and be safe, everyone!