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          "logFormatVersion": 1,

          "jobId": "157e918f-6228-4a34-9834-cf38a7ac6a5b",

          "status": "Rejected",

          "statusSummary": "Team is not yet configured for notarization",

          "statusCode": 7000,

          "archiveFilename": "TalkLine_v2.7.5.132_5.7.dmg",

          "uploadDate": "2020-03-21T08:40:24Z",

          "sha256": "f3147446511019a42ec80d50dfcf7ef626465f482ba81ea3adb5d8c1b8a425d2",

          "ticketContents": null,

          "issues": null



        then i try notarizated previous version which had notarizated succeful before.

        i had notarizated previous version succeful in 2020/03/06, but when i notarizated the SAME app now, it get rejected.


        how to fix "Team is not yet configured for notarization"?

        is it a problem about certification  or account?