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        This has been really confusing to us. Why is it that under "View All Subscription Pricing", it never shows decreases in price, only increases? And it retroactively changes the old prices we set if we've gone cheaper.


        For example, on one of our subscription IAPs:


        On 9/19/19, United States was increased to a price of $5.99. On 2/7/20, United States was increased to a price of $6.99. Around 2/24/20, however, United States was lowered to a price of $4.99.


        Looking at the View All Subscription Pricing:

        - The first increase (on 9/19) now shows the US as being set to $4.99. This is patently false. We set it to $5.99 (we keep meticulous internal records of all of this.)

        - The raising of the price to $6.99 on 2/7/20 is not shown.

        - The lowering of the price to $4.99 around 2/24/20 is not shown.


        It's as if, should you ever decrease the price of a subscription, history is erased of all higher prices and the last increase is reset to show the current (lower) price!


        To recap, this was the true history:




        But it is shown as:




        All intermediate increases have been either wiped (in the case of 5.99->6.99) or for some reason edited (in the case of 3.99->5.99) to only reflect the current price (4.99).


        Doesn't make any sense.


        Perhaps this is covered in the guidelines/documentation but I haven't encountered it.


        Thanks so much!