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        I have been trying to test function that has a network call request with alamofire, using the dispatchqueue. I am having a problem making the function wait for the execution of the network request. The test simply runs asynchronously without waiting for the network call.

        Following is the code with which i tried



            func testLoginAg(){

                let dispatchQueue = DispatchQueue(label: "QueueIdentification", qos: .background)


                    let username = "someemail@xyz.com"

                    let password = "xxxxxxxxx"

                    let headers = ["Content-Type": "application/json"]


                    let params : [String : Any] = ["API_KEY" : "XXXX", "username" : username, "password":password]

                    let url = MyVariables.baseUrl + "/api/login"

                        self.sut.login(url: url, parameters: params, headers: headers)




                 DispatchQueue.global(qos: .userInteractive).async {



                XCTAssertNotEqual(sut.abc, true)

                    for i in 11...20{





        Here the login function consists of the network request. The variable abc is set inside the login function after the network request call. Now how can i execute "XCTAssertNotEqual(sut.abc, true)" only after the completion of login function.