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        I'm trying to get a different behavior if I swipe on a row versus tap on it.  I tried adding a WKSwipeGestureRecognizer into the group for each row.  Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to work--I never see any sign that the gesture triggered.


        Is there a way to do this that anyone has come across?

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          Coulmd you show code where you define and add the gesture ?

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              Dang.  I wish this sent some kind of notification of a response...


              I'm doing this with Interface Builder.  So I add the WKSwipeGestureRecognizer in the Group for each table entry.  It doesn't matter where I connect the Sent Action, nothing ever triggers.


              If I place the WKSwipeGestureRecognizer into WKInterfaceTable, it will trigger but it doesn't do it for each row.  I suppose I can get the location and try to figure out the row from there, but that's pretty ugly.


              Are you suggesting I manually add a WKSwipeGestureRecognizer to the row controller?  Is there a way to get the bounds of a Row Controller at an index?