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        I have been fighting this one for the last 4 months!

        Has anyone seen this error (MacOS - 10.15.3) and knows how to get around it. I just want to programatically create and delete iCloud calendars from my Mac, using an app I am developing. Works fine on iOS.


        Error Domain=EKErrorDomain Code=72 "Can't delete a calendar if doing so would leave the account with no calendars which are eligible to be the default scheduling calendar."


        To reproduce, in xcode, targeting MacOS:

        - create an EKEventStore

        - run through the sources to select the "iCloud" source

        - create an EKCalendar instance, set the src and title

        - Save it: saveCalendar


        You can see the calendar appear in the Calendar app. All good.


        - get a list of all the existing calendars

        - select the one just created by its title

        - try .removeCalendar


        You get the error above.


        Info.plist privacy settings are correct as well as entitlements, as we can create the calendar.


        If I run this same code on an iOS device - works perfectly., however I want to be able to delete a calendar via my app on the Mac.


        Many thanks!