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        iCloud Backup includes -

        • App data

        • Device settings

        • Text (SMS), photos, videos, and other things

        Source: https://support.apple.com/en-in/HT207428


        This data can be restored using the Apple ID for fresh ios devices.My aim is to develop an android app, which downloads the ios Device Settings data from iCloud and configure the android Device Settings accordingly.


        Example - In an ios device, Setting -> Do not disturb is turned on. After successful backup in iCloud, if we use the same Apple ID to restore data from iCloud in a new ios device, then the option is set automatically. My aim is to get this iCloud data in android so that I can turn on android specific Do not disturb option.


        Is there any API to get it?


        Does cloudkit js provides any API through which I can fetch photo, text, video, mail etc?

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          I believe that CloudKit does not have access to those files.  If so, CloudKitJS won't.  You could run an app on an iPhone that would copy files, accessible through a variety of iOS APIs, from photos, etc. to a file in CloudKit and then obtain it through CloudKitJS.  You might be able to detect some device settings like 'do not disturb' in an app using iOS APIs and post that information to a file accessible to CloudKitJS.