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        I am currently working on a multiplayer game. Matchmaking, gameplay, and sending networking data work, but the console log repeatedly has the error:

        2020-03-10 14:49:12.372033-0700 Cirkus[34684:1818371] [ViceroyTrace]  [ERROR] AGPSessionRecvFrom:1954 0x11927dd30 sack: SEARCH FAILURE SERIAL NUMBER (000001B8) FROM (41DC6BDA)...


        I have been ignoring it because everything seems to be working fine, but I'm just wondering if anyone knows how to interpret this. Your insights are greatly appreciated! Please let me know if you need any more information.

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          A similar error I've been getting that does cause the app to eventually crash:

          2020-03-11 17:30:17.635383-0700 Cirkus[46226:2540216] [ViceroyTrace]  [ERROR] AGPSessionSendTo:1324 AGPSessionSendTo:: NOT ENOUGH TRANSMISSON WINDOW BUFFERS AVAILABLE!

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            I have nothing to offer except to say I see this error all of the time as well even though my game app works fine.


            I am assuming this is what is happening ....


            Viceroy seems to be a network algorithm which is used by Game Center to send packets over the peer-to-peer network.   This error comes out as part of the viceroyTrace logging so I am assuming there was an issue sending some packets to some players in your game (ie: packet loss perhaps???) .   I am assuming you are using TCPIP as a delivery protocol so the packets are re-transmitted until they arrive at the destination successfully.  So you might get the viceroyTrace error but eventually the required network packets are received by the intended player (as a result of re-transmitting) and your game goes on successfully.