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        I'm trying to add users using App Store Connect API 1.0. I can add a user OK, but if I try to add a user with access to just a single app it instead invites them with permissions for all apps. I've set allAppsVisible to false and specified the App ID for the app in the visibleApps relationships section. Am I missing something or setting the app to have access to incorrectly?


        Sending this POST through Postman:



             "data": {
                  "type": "userInvitations",
                  "attributes": {
                       "allAppsVisible": false,
                       "firstName": "John",
                       "lastName": "Appleseed",
                       "email": "johnappleseed@apple.com",
                       "roles": ["CUSTOMER_SUPPORT"]
                  "relationships": {
                       "visibleApps": {
                            "data": [{
                                 "id": "1234567890",
                                 "type": "apps"