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        Currently I'm experimenting with building an iOS app that allows a motorist (app user) to do the following;


        • Activate the app by using Siri Shortcut;
        • Open up a specific ViewController within the app;
        • Start a record session automatically and record speech from the user by using the AVAudioRecorder;
        • Stop record session automatically when the users stopped speaking;
        • Upload the recording.


        Now, I found out that when the user has its iPhone connected to CarPlay, Siri doesn't allow users to open an app that doesn't have CarPlay support. Following this finding I have two questions:


        1. Is there a workaround to activate/open an app with Siri, while it doesn't have CarPlay support?
        2. Is there a way to use AVAudioRecorder in order to achieve the goal to let the user record his speech, within CarPlay?