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        Has anyone sucessfully used the promotedArticles endpoint and have any tips on getting it to work, I always get an invald UUID for the article I am trying to promote.







        https://developer.apple.com/documentation/apple_news/code the invalid parameter states:

        • The specified article ID is not a valid UUID. Key path: data.promotedArticle


        I have followed the doumentaion example


        POST /sections/a3caeb08-b9db-4002-b379-cde305d74be7/promotedArticles HTTP/1.1Host: news-api.apple.comAccept: application/jsonAuthorization: HHMAC; key="1e3gfc5e-e9f8-4232-a6be-17bf40edad09";signature="irqw07DCRQLtx/40Z2VhNc7sl3nB1PKII374R7AHjUQ=";date="2017-12-08T00:03:31Z"{  "data": {  "promotedArticles": [  "F59D1784-CAFC-432A-9A1A-EF2FCE1E1C60",  "2027DD1B-2794-4B0A-B9DC-F7EE696411FF"  ]  }}


        But always get this error, and can't determine why if anyone has got this working and has any tips.


        PS I am using my own sites endpoint and data articles but always failing to promote an article with the errror {"errors":[{"code":"INVALID"}]}