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        We would like to ask regarding how to access to iCloud Reminders after iOS13.


        We use Http WebRequest API to access iCloud Reminders and Calendars CalDav server.

        In general, for accessing both iCloud Reminders and Calendars we try to authenticate with user’s email and appPasword through one of 4 URLs:

        1. "https://calendars.icloud.com/.well-known/caldav"
        2. "https://calendars.icloud.com:443/"
        3. "https://caldav.icloud.com/.well-known/caldav"
        4. "https://caldav.icloud.com/"


        All 4 urls are currently used (each user gets working with a single…);


        After authentication we get a user’s principal ID and working server and further construct a FULL URL to work with user’s Calendars/folders. URL looks like https://p27-caldav.icloud.com/1112223333/calendars/


        Using this URL we make a webrequest with a body (bellow) to get Calendar or Reminders folder list:

        <d:propfind xmlns:d='DAV:' xmlns:c='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:caldav'>







        But this returns only OLD Reminder folders.

        How can we access THE NEW REMINDERS, started with new iOS 13?

        Thank You!